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Finding solutions to domestic criteria, both on an aesthetic and technical level. Resolving space, putting back the soul, choice of comforting materials and tones that correspond to our client’s needs…

Working with teams skilled with experience and understanding our requirements, building together to achieve simple results with maximum precision. We work with building engineers and architects for the technical aspects of our creations.

We specialise in the renovation and design of houses, apartments, commercial and retail space and the repurposing of industrial space into living and work space.


We design furniture, lights and homewares.

The furnitures we create are simple timeless functional pieces to adorn the home and place of work. Designed to last and made from wood, metal, linen and wool. All of our furnitures are handcrafted in Italy with the highest quality, in order to create precise, yet poetic pieces that stand the test of time.

Lighting is fundamental to any space to illuminate and bring warmth. We design lights that compliment our furniture and homewares. Simple, atmospheric and sculptural. Our new collection 'nomad' is a floor light that adapts into a pendant designed to accept a variety of shade types.

We're developing homewares.

The simple basics that underpin our daily life and offer us pleasure and satisfaction. Napkins, table cloths, bed linens, baskets, floor mats, rugs and tablewares all handmade from linens, natural fibres, wood, glass, metal, ceramic. 


 From shops, homes to fashion shoots. We style and rearrange. Creating harmonious installations and environments. We organise, we source, we go shopping, we move things around, we relook and we give new life to existing space.


Co founder and creative director of

HomeStories, Paul Stefan Gross

trained as a sculptor then a furniture designer, interior design has followed organically . Over the past 25 years HomeStories has been creating beautifully crafted interiors and producing furniture, lighting and homeware collections that strive for timeless longevity without embellishment or artifice. Years of research into materials and textures contribute to the realisation of calm relaxed interiors that sooth and contribute to one’s well being. Designing multiple commercial spaces, apartments, houses, lofts and even the occasional manor house frequently touching on the exterior to create complete, considered and curated spaces.